Great Lengths Hair Extensions


Great Lengths has been revolutionising hairdressing and fashion with it’s innovative extensions systems and

ethically sourced 100% human hair for over 15 years.

Questions and Answers

A selection of the most frequently asked questions from our clients:

Q  Are Great Lengths 100% human hair extensions suitable for everyone?

A  Hair extension are a cosmetic procedure and the should be applied to healthy hair that must be at least 2 to 3 inches in length to provide comfortable attachments. There are some medical conditions the may make a minority of clients unsuitable for extensions, which is why we offer a free , no obligation consultation.

Q  Are human hair extensions better, and why?

A  Great Lengths use human hair because it behave like you own hair. We believe hair extensions are better because they create a more natural look and effect. This means our extensions can be styled using heated tools and straighteners, as well as professionally coloured and permed. They are suitable for most lifestyle activities so there really are no limits to what you can do when wearing Great Lengths extensions.

Q  Will hair extensions damage my own hair?

A  No. If hair extensions are attached by a professionally trained stylist and they are properly maintained. Our hair is 100% natural and bond has been formulated using a special blend of polymers that replicate the molecular structure of keratin. Keratin is a protein from which natural hair is made so if your extensions are maintained in the recommended way, no problems should occur.

Q  How long will my Great Lengths extensions last?

A   By following our simple maintenance programme regularly, your extensions can last up to 6 months. A maintenance check is given 3-4 weeks after your first appointment. Prices for hair extensions vary depending on any number of things, length , thickness & amount. A full price will be given in your consultation.